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Typical home insurance coverage can include:

Understanding Georgia Home Insurance

Whether you are in the process of purchasing a property and need to obtain home insurance prior to getting a mortgage or are currently shopping for new insurance on your existing property, we have options for you. Here are some of the factors that can impact the premiums on your policy: 

Factors that help determine your homeowners’ insurance premium:

Home Features and Characteristics

Your home's age, type of structure, wiring, roof, garage, etc., can affect your homeowners’ insurance premium. Older homes can often cost more to insure, and those costs can differ depending on whether your home is brick, frame, stone or has synthetic siding.


Where your home is located can change your homeowners insurance premium. For instance, your home insurance rate can be affected if your home is in close proximity to a fire station; is exposed to extreme weather, such as hurricanes, tornadoes or earthquakes; or is in a neighborhood more prone to theft.

Protective Devices

Burglar alarm systems, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems and deadbolt locks can lower your homeowner’s insurance premium.

Personal Factors

What you do can affect your homeowners insurance premium, too. A good credit history can lower what you pay for home insurance.

Claims History

If you have a history of claims on a homeowners insurance policy, you may pay a higher premium.

Why do I need home insurance?

These are all important questions that should be asked when looking for your new policy. In some cases you may be required to have home insurance. Regardless, having home insurance keeps your home safe in case of a disaster. However, your policy can actually cover much more than this such as if someone is injured at your home or if your personal belongings are damaged or stolen. We can help you find a policy that is tailored to your needs.

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